Most mountain bikes on the market are extremely expensive, and the ones that are cheap often suffer in terms of quality. If you’re a mountain biker on a budget, read on for an overview of the 5 best cheapest mountain bikes 2020 on the market.


When buying mountain bikes, it’s crucial to buy one that’s safe, durable, and stable. Mountain bikes usually sustain a lot of abuse as a result of riding through difficult terrain, withstanding storms and rough weather conditions, and being used for long periods of time.

If you’re looking for a mountain bike, it’s likely that you’re frustrated by how expensive they are.  Furthermore, a lot of the cheap mountain bikes out there cut corners which makes them dangerous to use.

However, if you’re someone looking to get into mountain biking at a budget, we’ve got your back. Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve personally vetted and tried out some of the cheapest mountain bikes on the market. We’ve had mountain biking experts try them on, put them through all kinds of abuse, and we’ve compiled our findings in this form of this article.

So read on for a detailed review of the 5 best cheapest mountain bikes on the market.

Best Cheapest Mountain Bikes 2020

Best Cheapest Mountain Bikes 2018Editors RatingCheck Price
Diamondback Recoil 29er5 Stars
2018 Gravity FSX 1.04.5 Stars
BEIOU Carbon Fiber BO-CB0204.5 Stars
Stowabike 26" MTB V23.5 Stars
Vilano Ridge 1.03 Stars

1. Diamondback Recoil 29er

Diamondback Recoil 29er is one of the best cheapest mountain bikes on the market. In terms of cost, it’s reasonable while still offering all of the premium features you need from a mountain bike. Diamondback is reputed as one of the best mountain bike brands, and so you can trust them not to cut corners even in their budget products.

Made of aluminum alloy construction, this mountain bike only weighs 36.4 pounds. Furthermore, you get a full suspension with 24-speed gears. These features, combine, make this an extremely convenient bike to handle. The low weight and the suspension make it manageable on a wide range of terrains. It has large 29” wheels which will certainly make it a little more rigid than bikes with narrower wheels, however, it’s ideal for beginners and it will offer more stability on rough patches. The wide wheels can easily glide over large rocks and branches, and you can trust that most of the impact will be absorbed by the wheels.

Diamondback Recoil 29er

  • Aluminum alloy construction.
  • Full Suspension.
  • 29” Wheels.
  • 24 gears.
  • Disc brakes.
  • Weighs 36.4 pounds. 
  • Extremely stable.
  • Lightweight and easy to handle.
  • Great suspension, brakes, and gears.
  • No cons.

Diamondback Recoil 29er is the best of the cheapest mountain bikes for beginners because it provides a lot of stability and durability, crucial features for novice riders.

2. 2018 Gravity FSX 1.0

2018 Gravity FSX 1.0 is one of the cheapest mountain bikes for those who value speed and efficiency without sacrificing durability. It’s available in four sleek colors — black, gray, white, and yellow.

This bike is made of an aluminum frame which is highly durable. However, at 47.5 pounds, it’s also quite heavy and thus a bit difficult to navigate on a longterm basis. The Shimano shifters on this bike allow you to change between 24 different gears, which is ideal to take on all kinds of terrain, whether you’re climbing mountains, or descending down treacherous ravines.

2018 Gravity FSX 1.0

  • Aluminum alloy construction.
  • Full Suspension.
  • 26” Wheels.
  • 24 gears.
  • Disc brakes.
  • Weighs 47.5 pounds. 
  • Sturdily built.
  • Can be used on all types of terrain.
  • Heavy.

2018 Gravity FSX 1.0 is one of the best cheapest mountain bikes for beginners who require speed and durability at the same time. The only drawback here is the slightly heavy construction.

3. BEIOU Carbon Fiber BO-CB020

BEIOU Carbon Fiber BO-CB020 is definitely one of the more expensive amongst the cheapest mountain bikes. However, while the previous bikes were meant for novices, this bike is meant for hardcore mountain bikers on a tight budget.

The best and most professional aspect of this mountain bike is that it comes with Shimano shifters that allow you to shift between 30 different speeds. You can easily change gears while racing or going through any terrain at all. Unlike some of the others, it uses a hardtail suspension which provides more freedom to the rider, but it’s not as stable as a full suspension. This also happens to be one of the lightest mountain bikes out there.

BEIOU Carbon Fiber BO-CB020

  • Carbon fiber construction.
  • Hardtail Suspension.
  • 27.5” Wheels.
  • 30 gears.
  • Disc brakes.
  • Weighs 23.6 pounds. 
  • Extremely lightweight.
  • Full range of gears.
  • Ideal for speed and trail racing.
  • Relatively expensive.
  • Not ideal for novices.

BEIOU Carbon Fiber BO-CB020 might be one of the more expensive options amongst the cheapest mountain bikes, but its ideal for professional mountain bikers on a budget.

4. Stowabike 26″ MTB V2

Stowabike 26″ MTB V2 is the ideal mountain bike for those who value portability and foldability. Most foldable bikes are extremely expensive, however, this is a budget-friendly option. It can be folded down to 38.2 x 12.6 x 29.5 inches so it can be stored easily.

In terms of features, it’s alright for novices looking to get into mountain biking. But it’s not ideal for hardcore use. It’s made of a steel frame which isn’t the most durable materials, and it comes with only 18 gears which isn’t enough for uphill or downhill riding. However, the full suspension provides a lot of durability on rough roads.

Stowabike 26" MTB V2

  • Steel construction.
  • Full Suspension.
  • 26” Wheels.
  • 18 gears.
  • V brakes.
  • Weighs 38.5 pounds. 
  • Foldable.
  • Portable.
  • Frame material not ideal.
  • Not ideal for hardcore use.

Stowabike 26″ MTB V2 is one of the cheapest mountain bikes for novices who need a foldable bike that doesn’t take up a lot of space.

5. Vilano Ridge 1.0

Vilano Ridge 1.0 is a fairly reliable and durable cheap mountain bike. It’s an entry-level mountain bike with essential durability features like the presence of strong mechanical disc brakes and 21 gears for navigation through various terrains. It’s made of Double-butted 6061 Aluminum alloy frames that are sturdy but also weigh a lot, leading to an overall weight of 41 pounds. It uses hardtail front suspension, whereas a mountain bike for beginners should ideally use full suspension for added comfort.

Vilano Ridge 1.0

  • Double-butted 6061 Aluminum alloy construction.
  • Hardtail Suspension.
  • 26” Wheels.
  • 21 gears.
  • Mechanical Disc brakes.
  • Weighs 41 pounds. 
  • Reliable and durable.
  • Great for novices.
  • Should have full suspension instead of the hardtail.

Vilano Ridge 1.0 is a cheap and reasonable mountain bike meant for novices. However, it’s lacking in certain crucial features like a full suspension.

Factors to Consider when Buying the Cheapest Mountain Bikes

You need to be extremely careful when buying the cheapest mountain bikes. There are a lot of products out there that skimp out on some valuable features in order to lower the production cost and sell them for cheap. In order to find out which is the best and cheapest mountain bike for your specific needs, you should consider the following factors.


The mountain bike’s suspension helps it ride smoothly across different terrains. There are three types of suspensions out there — rigid, hardtail, and full.

Rigid mountain bikes come with no suspension so they should only be used on plain concrete roads. Hardtail mountain bikes only have front suspension so you can use them on moderately bumpy grounds. However, if you plan to ride on trails often, you need a Full Suspension mountain bike as it has suspensions on both ends, thus making the ride less bumpy.

Wheel Size

You need to be wise when you’re choosing a wheel size. Generally speaking, smaller wheels are easier to handle and can go faster. However, larger wheels can offer more stability on rocky surfaces. It might be tempting to get a smaller wheel size, however, if you’re going to be riding on trails, you should opt for larger wheels.

Frame Construction

The frame style and material of construction will determine how durable your bike is. Furthermore, the weight of the bike will determine how smoothly it can ride and how easy it is to maneuver. You should get a bike with a durable frame that’s also lightweight. The common materials used are Aluminum Alloy, Steel, Titanium, and Carbon Fiber.

Steel isn’t durable enough, and Titanium is extremely durable but also extremely expensive. As such, you should ideally look for bikes with either Aluminum or Carbon frames.


You get bikes started from single-speed gears all the way to 30-speed gears. Single-speed is alright for riding on plain roads in cities. However, if you’re going to take on trails, you need more gears. The higher the gear, the more versatile will it be.


Brakes are one of the most important features on mountain bikes because you’ll be riding through tough terrains. These could potentially save your life under some situations. You’ll find mountain bikes with three types of brakes — Hydraulic, Cable-Activated, and Rim Brakes.

Rim brakes are more consistent and durable but they’re hard to maintain on a long run. You should aim for either hydraulic or cable-activated disc brakes.


While riding trails, you’ll come across terrains wherein you’ll have to lift and carry your bike. For those situations, make sure your bike has a manageable weight.


I hope this article has helped you find the best cheapest mountain bikes on the market. If you’re a hopeful mountain biker on a shoestring budget, you don’t have to fret. There are plenty of options out there, but only if you’re careful. Purchasing the wrong cheap mountain bike might prove to be dangerous as it could break down in the middle of a trail. In this article, we’ve provided you with an overview of the 5 best cheapest mountain bikes 2020 on the market that are budget-friendly without sacrificing quality.

If you have any other questions about the cheapest mountain bikes, feel free to mention them down in the comments section.