Are you looking to break into the world of mountain biking? If so, you’re probably looking for the best mountain bike for beginners. In this article, we’ve reviewed the 5 best mountain bikes for beginners.


Mountain biking isn’t just an incredibly entertaining and challenging sport, but it’s also a great way to remain at the peak of fitness. However, in order to participate in the sport of mountain biking, you need a great bike.

If you’re a novice, you’re probably wondering what’s the best mountain bike for beginners. Choosing the right mountain bike for beginners actually depends on a lot of factors. You need to examine the bike’s frame material, its sheet size to determine how easily it can cross obstacles, the drivetrain, quality of brakes and tires, and various other factors.

Most importantly, you should look for a mountain bike for beginners that’s best suited to your specific needs. However, the search can be difficult.

As such, we’ve personally vetted some of the best mountain bikes for beginners on the market. We’ve tested out dozens of the best bikes, having put them through rigorous use and abuse, to determine the 5 best mountain bikes for beginners.

Best Mountain Bike for Beginners 2020

Best Mountain Bike for BeginnersEditors RatingCheck Price
Diamondback Bicycles Line Hardtail Mountain Bike4.5 Stars
Mongoose R2780 Impasse4.5 Stars
Kingttu G6 Mountain Bike4 Stars
Schwinn Men's High Timber Bicycle3 Stars
BEIOU Carbon Fiber4 Stars

1. Diamondback Bicycles Line Hardtail Mountain Bike

The Diamondback Bicycles Line Hardtail is the best mountain bike for beginners. This bike is a handrail and is equipped with a low bottom bracket to enable the biker to speed through rough terrain without sacrificing stability. If you’re a novice mountain biker, this is the product you need to get you into the sport.

It has a 120mm SR Suntour XCR fork which might not be the best in the industry, but it’s certainly the best in this price range. These forks are reliable and they can remain durable even in rough conditions.

The SRAM 1×9 drivetrain provides a wide range of gears for you to be able to navigate at different speeds through various terrains. The 27.5” wheels paired with 2.35” Schwalbe Tough Tom tires can get you through the murkiest swamplands. While the brakes aren’t as powerful as some of the other bikes, they can still stop your bike quickly.

Diamondback Bicycles Line Hardtail Mountain Bike

  • Made of 6061-T6 aluminum alloy frame.
  • Uses Schwalbe Tough Tom 27×2.35″ tires.
  • The drivetrain has 1×9 speed.
  • Uses Tektro Auriga hydraulic disc brake with 180 front/160mm rear rotors.
  • SR Suntour XCR 120mm travel fork.
  • Weighs 36 pounds. 
  • Great construction.
  • Durable heavy-duty tires.
  • Can change gears quickly.
  • Speedy.
  • Reasonable.
  • Brake isn’t great, though it’s still far better than all mechanical bikes.

The Diamondback Bicycles Line Hardtail is the best mountain bike for beginners as it combines strength, speed, durability, and a reasonable cost.

2. Mongoose R2780 Impasse

Mongoose R2780 Impasse is one of the most durable mountain bikes for beginners. It’s a full suspension mountain bike and is made of an incredibly sturdy aluminum frame and runs on 29-inch tires that can speed through the roughest and bumpiest of surfaces. The frame of the bike isn’t as light as some of the others, however, it offers unparalleled control which is important for beginners.

The SRAM twist shifters allow you to shift between 21 different gears effortlessly, regardless of whether you’re going uphill or downhill. It comes with both front and rear disc brakes that can be triggered in the fraction of a second, thus preventing all possible accidents from occurring.

Mongoose R2780 Impasse

  • Made of aluminum frame.
  • 29-inch tires.
  • 21 gear shifts available.
  • Alloy front and rear wheels.
  • Weighs 44 pounds. 
  • Brakes easily.
  • Sturdy.
  • Affordable.
  • Not suitable for everyone as it comes in a single size and lacks customizability.
  • No additional space for a water bottle or other objects.
  • Doesn’t have great shock absorption.

With one of the sturdiest constructions and wide 29-inch tires, the Mongoose R2780 Impasse is one of the most affordable and convenient mountain bikes for beginners.

3. Kingttu G6 Mountain Bike

Kingttu G6 is one of the most convenient mountain bikes for beginners. It can be folded up, which is a pretty unique feature for a mountain bike. As such, it’s ideal for those who require portability and need to conserve storage space. Furthermore, it’s also extremely lightweight, which makes it easy to carry around and allows you to speed up easily.

This is a dual suspension mountain bike for beginners and it comes with 26” tires with 3-spoke fashion rims. As such, it can get through tough terrains and is also easy to control. In terms of the gears, this mountain bike has 21 Speed Shimano Front /Rear Derailleur. As such, you can shift to all possible gears effortlessly. Furthermore, it also has a great disc brake that can stop the bike immediately.

Kingttu G6 Mountain Bike

  • Aluminum construction.
  • 26” wheels.
  • Magnesium alloy rims.
  • TAIWAN BOLI Mechanical Aluminum Disc brake.
  • 170mm Crank.
  • Shimano EF500 3*7 Speed shifter and brake lever.
  • Weighs 22 pounds. 
  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to navigate.
  • Highly portable and foldable.
  • Available in a single size.
  • Not meant for serious bikers as it’s not very portable.
  • Small in size and can accommodate a maximum weight of 330 pounds.

Kingttu G6 might not be the most powerful mountain bike for beginners. However, its unique ability to fold up makes it highly desirable for individuals who require portability and easy storage.

4. Schwinn Men’s High Timber Bicycle

Schwinn Men’s High Timber Bicycle is a great mountain bike for beginners who are on a tight budget. It’s one of the more affordable bikes in this list and yet it can hold its own amongst the others. The best aspect of this bike is that it’s available in a range of different sizes with different tire sizes so that it can accommodate a wide range of users with different requirements.

It has a suspension fork that provides great comfort when cycling through rough terrains. The Shimano twist shifters with a range of 21-speed rear derailleur allow you to quickly change gears to navigate through all kinds of surfaces, whether going uphill or downhill, through grasslands, swampy marshes, or rocky mountains. It also has a great set of front and rear alloy linear pull brakes to bring the bike to a halt immediately. The high-traction 13” to 29” tires sit on durable alloy wheels to provide easy navigation and stability.

Schwinn Men's High Timber Bicycle

  • Available in tire sizes ranging from 13 inches to 29 inches.
  • Suspension fork available.
  • 21-speed rear derailleur gear shifters.
  • Front and rear alloy linear pull brakes.
  • Allow wheels.
  • Weighs 44 pounds. 
  • High traction.
  • Stable and durable.
  • Various sizes available.
  • Difficult to assemble.
  • Uncomfortable seating.
  • Lack of enough shock absorption for rocky terrains.
  • Heavy.

Schwinn Men’s High Timber Bicycle is an extremely affordable mountain bike for beginners. It comes in a range of sizes and is highly durable. However, several users have complained about an increasing discomfort due to lack of shock absorption and poorly constructed seats.

5. BEIOU Carbon Fiber

BEIOU Carbon Fiber is one of the most expensive mountain bikes for beginners. However, if you want to retain your mountain bike for a long period — even once you move past the beginner phase — then this is ideal for you.

One of the best features of this bike is the carbon fiber frame — as opposed to the generally used aluminum or steel frame. This material is known for being far more durable and stable, while also being lighter in weight. As a result, this bike is extremely durable and easy to control but weighs only 26 pounds.

This bike also uses Shimano components, which are widely known to be the best makers of mountain bike parts. It has wheels available in two sizes — 27.5” and 29”.  The tires provide a lot of traction while going downhill, lowering the possibility of loss of control, and the fast-responding hydraulic disc brake stops the bike immediately.

BEIOU Carbon Fiber

  • Toray T800 Carbon Fiber construction.
  • 17” or 19” frame size.
  • 27.5” or 29” wheel size.
  • M335 dual hydraulic disc braking.
  • UDING DH32 Air Suspension Fork.
  • Weighs 26 pounds. 
  • High traction.
  • Brakes work immediately.
  • Ideal for beginners but can also be used by pros.
  • Highly durable construction.
  • Lightweight.
  • Extremely expensive.
  • Hard seating.

BEIOU Carbon Fiber is the most powerful, durable, and efficient mountain bike for beginners in this list. It’s also made of the most durable and lightweight frame material. However, it’s also the most expensive product by a long shot so should only be used by serious bikers.

Buyers Guide:

The International Bicycle Foundation confirms that the people who chose the bike as a transport, lost around 6 kilos during the first year.

I thought that in order to choose a mountain bike for me, it would be enough to choose my favorite color and the design that I liked the most, but this is a serious mistake.

Specialists in the subject told me if I want to take full advantage of the great benefits of riding a bicycle, such as burning 800 calories per hour and avoiding injuries, I should consider the following recommendations.

1. Analyze where you will use it

You must have a clear picture of where you will ride your bike: road, mountain or city. You need different needs for each terrain in terms of the type of handlebars, speeds and tires.

2. Measure the frame (frame of the bike)

It is responsible for the behavior, comfort and ergonomics of this means of transport. If you choose it well you will forget about back pain or damage to the knees.

Stand on the bike as if you were going to mount it and confirm that the frame fits you well, that is, your legs should be stretched without the need to tilt the bike, nor you should hurt the crotch.

3. Mount it

Before taking it, take a test drive to make sure it does not hurt you, that you can pedal well, check the speed changes and the brakes.

Choosing the right bike for you will make you enjoy this sport, which can become your lifestyle. Seek advice from professionals to ensure good results and above all buy it in certified establishments. Have a good way!


I hope this article has helped you decide which is the best mountain bike for beginners. There are certainly a lot of factors that go into the consideration. However, the bikes we’ve provided are ideal for most beginners and they’ve been selected after a thorough vetting process.

If you have any other questions or concerns about mountain bikes for beginners, feel free to mention them down in the comments section.