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Last Updated: October 6, 2020

Saberlight Sparq Rechargeable

The Ralix Electronic

Novelty Wares USB

Plasma lighters are extremely à la mode in the market today and for all the valid reasons. Unlike the conventional butane lighters which are easily blown out by the wind and need constant refueling, plasma lighters are a totally different ball-game when it comes to effectiveness and resiliency.

Plasma Lighters are electrically powered and need to be charged via a USB device; this helps save up on fuel. Additionally, they can be used in the windiest of environments without the nuisance of the flame being blown out. It produces a plasma flame which is a lot hotter than the flame produced by traditional lighters, which also makes it more effective.

Moreover, these plasma lighters, apart from traditional uses, come bundled with a variety of utility. They can be used by individuals when they go out camping to help light up bonfires. You can also use plasma lighters to light up a gas stove, a cigarette, or any other object.

Plasma lighters come in various forms catering to separate needs— single arc, dual arc, and triple arc. And different lighters come with their unique set of features and specifications. As such, choosing the right one can be a difficult task.

To make your search for the perfect plasma lighter as effortless a possible, we’ve compiled a list of the 5 best plasma lighters in the market. In order to compile this list, we’ve personally vetted and used dozens of the best plasma lighters in the market and we’ve also sought advice from specialists.

Top 5 Plasma Lighters

1. Saberlight Sparq Rechargeable Plasma Beam Lighter

The Saberlight Sparq is the most stylish and effective plasma lighter in the market. It has been re-engineered and it solves a lot of the persistent issues that continue to plague other lesser plasma lighters.

One of the biggest issues it solves is that of lighting flat surfaces. Generally speaking, most plasma lighters light through a narrow tesla coil so they can’t be used on large flat surfaces like pipes, bowls, or even cigars. However, Saberlight Sparq has been re-engineered to fix that issue. It utilizes free-form Plasma Torch energy with an elongated arc that can light up all surfaces instantly.

Instead of fuel, Saberlight Sparq is run on rechargeable lithium-ion cells. As such, they can be used for a longterm period and don’t require constant refueling.

The On/Off switch is positioned at the bottom of the lighter and the power ignition button is at the front. The USB port lies next to the switch at the bottom, and the package comes with a 10 cm USB chord that you can use to charge the lighter.

Whenever the calf is closed, the lighter won’t work regardless of whether the on switch is pushed. This prevents the lighter from being accidentally ignited. This also makes Saberlight Sparq one of the safest plasma lighters out there.

When using this plasma lighter, you should be prepared for a slight burnt scent and a high-pitched arc noise to be generated. These occur due to the residue generated by the electrodes and the dual-arc technology of the device.


  • At a single charge, this plasma lighter can be used approximately 300 times over a period of two weeks.
  • Re-Engineered free-form Plasma Torch that can light any surface.
  • Creates extremely hot plasma wave.
  • Flameless and unaffected by water or wind.
  • Rechargeable and no butane used.
The Saberlight Sparq is the future of all plasma lighters because it has been engineered to remedy some of the biggest flaws in other plasma lighters. It’s also extremely cheap and stylish.

2. The Ralix Electronic Plasma Beam Lighter

The Ralix Electronic Plasma Beam Lighter is a single-arc lighter that’s flameless, safe, and efficient. It’s entirely wind-resistant as it doesn’t use either gas or fluids to light.

In terms of aesthetic, this Ralix plasma lighter is classy and elegant with a sleek black zinc-alloy construction. The material is elegant, environmentally-friendly, and resistant to sudden temperature changes and environmental factors.

It has an extremely powerful battery life and a single charge will last you about a week or up to 300 sparks. Unlike some of the traditional lighters that have to be triggered over and over to get them to light, the Ralix requires a single tap to ignite the spark. This makes it extremely efficient.

The biggest complaint leveled against this Ralix plasma lighter is that while it’s suitable for cigarettes, it fails to light up cigars. It uses a regular narrow tesla coil which doesn’t fit such a wide surface area.



  • On-Click easy-charge plasma lighter.
  • Wind-resistant and flameless.
  • Body is made of zinc alloy that won’t either melt or crack like cheaper materials.
  • It can last an entire week at a single charge.
An efficient and classy plasma lighter that does the job but could use several modifications.

3. Novelty Wares USB Flameless Plasma Dual Arc Lighter

The Novelty Wares Flameless Plasma Dual Arc Lighter is one of the most visually striking lighters in the market.

Originally, the lighter was only available in a grey “Gun Metal” color. However, Novelty Wares has now introduced a new and improved version of the lighter available in a multitude of colors and designs such as Gold, Matte Black, Matte Red, Navy Blue, Neon Rainbow, Wood, USA, and various others. If you’re bored of the plain silver or grey plasma lighters out there, this Novelty Wares lighter is for you.

In addition to the colors and aesthetic, this plasma lighter has a lot going for it. The dual-arc technology used in this lighter makes it extremely efficient, powerful, and capable of lighting large objects like cigars, wicks, barbecues, or just about anything else.

Furthermore, the Navy Wares dual-arc lighter is also one of the most durable lighters out there, made entirely of non-corrosive materials. As such, it can withstand all temperatures and weather conditions. The flameless nature of the lighter makes it both splash and wind resistant.

This plasma lighter requires just about 2 hours to get charged completely. Furthermore, it can retain its charge for a whole week under normal use. The only thing you have to be cautious of is not using the lighter with wet hands as you might receive a slight jolt.


  • Rechargeable USB lighter.
  • Flameless and Butane-free.
  • Comes with various colors and designs.
  • Dual-Arc feature can light any surface.
  • The body of the lighter is non-corrosive.


This Novelty Wares plasma lighter is close to perfection. It’s available in a range of styles and has impressive features that allow it to be used on any surfaces. However, it has one fatal flaw — it’s risky to hold it with wet hands and the user might receive a slight jolt.

4. Tesla Coil Lighters™ USB Rechargeable Windproof Arc Lighter

These Tesla Coil Lighters are one of the most popular plasma lighters on the market. While its popularity is owing largely to its association with Nikola Tesla — one of the world’s foremost scientific minds — it also boasts some great features of its own.

These Tesla Coil Lighters are available in 5 different colors — Gun Metal, Black/Gold, Black/Silver, Espresso, and Tc 61478. Even though it provides a range of color combinations, they all share a uniform design that’s subdued and elegant. Its sleek 4-ounce weight and construction make it easy to slip it into the shirt pockets and carry it around.

It can also be used under rough weather conditions because it has been designed sturdily. In keeping with the sturdy construction, it has been designed in a manner such that it can’t be lit up if the lid is closed. As such, there’s no risk of accidentally igniting it or draining the battery. Furthermore, it comes with an ON/OFF switch at the bottom which has to be triggered before using the arc button. This provides yet another fail-safe for safety.

Unlike some of the other plasma lighters, the Tesla Coil Lighters don’t create any noise or scent when in use. It takes about one hour to charge the lighter and it can be used for up to 300 times at a single charge.

The biggest drawback of this plasma lighter is that its lid doesn’t open all the way through. As such, it can get in the way of the object when lighting something like a candle.


  • Can be recharged with a USB.
  • ON/OFF switch is at the bottom.
  • Has a dual-arc feature.
  • Can last for 300 uses at a single charge.
  • Takes about 1 hour to charge completely.
The Tesla Coil Plasma Lighters feature a dual-arc construction making them extremely effective. However, it also comes with a lid that doesn’t close all the way through, making it difficult to light certain objects.

5. Arc Lighter by DaLanZom

The Arc Lighter by DaLanZom is the most aesthetically creative plasma lighter in the market. While most of the other plasma lighters go for a plain or minimalistic design, the Arc Lighter by DaLanZom goes for an intricate gold-on-black Chinese Dragon engraving. It’s artistic and stylish, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t also come with a fantastic set of features.

The lighter’s body is constructed from a textured gunmetal surface that makes the exterior coarse and rugged to the touch. It’s also extremely resistant to all weather conditions and temperature changes.

The flameless aspect of this plasma lighter makes it both wind and splash proof. It runs on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery so there’s no need to refuel it either. Creating an electric arc and lighting it up requires a single push of the ignition.

It works with the help of two electronic pulses, making it extremely steady and powerful. A single USB charge can make it last for up to 300 uses, and its battery can last up to a whole week at a single charge.


  • Intricate Chinese Dragon design.
  • Made of textured gunmetal.
  • Windproof and splashproof.
  • Charges fast and last up to a week or 300 uses.
  • Two electronic pulses for powerful ignition.


This is the most attractive plasma lighter in the market. While it can’t be used in official settings, it makes for a great gift. The only major drawback is the constant buzzing sound it generates when being used.

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In this section of the article, we’ll give you a comprehensive understanding of what you should be looking at when purchasing a plasma lighter. There is an abundance of variety in the types of plasma lighters available in the market, as such, you need to make sure that you purchase the one that caters to your specific needs.


Types of Plasma Lighters

There are three different types of plasma lighters that you can get — Single Arc, Dual Arc, and Triple Arc.

Single Arc

The most basic of the three, a single-arc plasma lighter generally has an extremely long battery life. As a downside however, they don’t generate a high degree of heat, making them weaker and less capable of heating objects with a high level of heat-resistance. Furthermore, due to the presence of a single tesla coil in its build, they cannot heat objects with a large surface area such as cigars, papers, etc. However, the presence of two electrodes makes it ideal to light up smaller objects like cigarettes and candle wicks.

Dual Arc

Dual Arc plasma lighters consist of four electrodes instead of two present in the single arc type. As a result, it creates a far stronger light, thus generating more heat as well. Due to this, it is far more efficient when it comes to lighting up objects with larger surface areas and does so in noticeably shorter times. The increased efficiency comes at a cost however as they produce more energy which makes them less power-efficient and they generally get discharged faster.

Triple Arc 360-Degree

The Triple Arc — 360-Degrees — lighters are by far the most versatile and advanced plasma lighters of the bunch. Equipped with 6 electrodes instead of the 4 and 2 present in the ones mentioned above, it is extremely powerful and capable of lighting all forms of surfaces, even those with an extremely high heat-resistance. It can also light from any angle, thus leading to the “360-Degree” moniker. While a Triple Arc lighter is undoubtedly very powerful, it isn’t exactly practical for minute everyday tasks as the other plasma lighters are the ones you should be going for when it comes to everyday activities that don’t need a lighter as powerful.


Factors to Consider when Buying Plasma Lighters

When you’re choosing a plasma lighter, several different factors need to be taken into consideration. The cheapest lighter may be underpowered for the tasks you’re looking to accomplish, and the most advanced lighter might be way more powerful than what you have utility for. The following are the prime factors you need to consider when buying plasma lighters.

What are your Requirements?

You should create a list of the objects you’ll need to light with your plasma lighter. Doing so will help you determine which type of lighter you need and how powerful it should be.

Aesthetic Appeal

You should select a lighter that’s aesthetically pleasing. If you need to use the lighter in official meetings, you should go for one with a minimalist neutral design and color. However, if you’re looking to get a lighter as a gift for somebody else, one with an intricate engraving or aesthetic appeal will be an ideal choice. 

Construction and Durability

Plasma lighters tend to never slack on the durability department and are very rigid and well-constructed. You should be sure to get one that can withstand changes in temperature, weather conditions, etc.

Type of Lighter

As we discussed above, plasma lighters are available in three types — Single Arc, Dual Arc, and Triple Arc.

Based on this information, you should select a plasma lighter that meets your requirements. If your usage of lighters is limited to simply lighting candles and cigarettes, a single-arc is ideal. If additionally, you also want to light cigars, then a dual-arc lighter is the one for you. And if you want to be able to light an object from any angle, go for the triple-arc.


You should be able to carry your plasma lighters in your pockets without an issue. As such, you should go for a lighter that has a small size and a weight of about 2 to 4 ounces is the one you should be eyeing.

Battery Life

All plasma lighters come with a USB port and a cable. However, you should inquire about how long it takes to charge, and mileage you can get out of a single charge.

Ideally, you should go for a plasma lighter that can be charged within an hour and may last for up to 300 uses.


Finally, once you’ve sorted out all the aforementioned factors , you need to consider your personal budget and figure out what’s the cheapest price at which you can get all of the other features and factors you’ve selected previously.



Benefits of Plasma Lighters

The following are some of the biggest advantages of using plasma lighters as opposed to traditional lighters.


With traditional lighters, you have to keep hitting the ignition trigger over and over till your fingers go numb and lighting it is like a coin toss on every click. However, with plasma lighters, a single tap is all you need to trigger the ignition and use it.


Traditional lighters need to be refueled every once in a while. With some lighters, you have to simply toss them away after the fuel has finished. However, with plasma lighters, all you need to do is plug it into a USB port and you can charge it enough for several hundred uses.


Traditional lighters are powered by the usage of Butane as a fuel. Butane isn’t just detrimental to humans, but it’s also terrible for the environment. Since plasma lighters operate on lithium charge, they are infinitely more eco-friendly.

Hotter Flame

The energy emitted by plasma lighters is more powerful than the flame produced by traditional lighters, making them more effective.

Weather Resistance

Plasma lighters can be used in any type of surroundings as a result of their build and how they’re powered — regardless of how wet or windy, it might be. Since plasma lighters are flameless, they can’t be huffed out either by strong winds or water. However, it’s still advisable not to use plasma lighters when your hands are wet.



Plasma Lighters aren’t just more effective and eco-friendly than traditional lighters, they’re also a cost-effective alternative in the long run. In this article, we’ve shortlisted some of the best plasma lighters on the market, based on thorough research and consultation with experts.

In addition to giving you a detailed overview of the 5 best plasma lighters 2020, we’ve also provided you with a Buyer’s Guide that can help you figure out which lighter is the best for catering to your needs.

If you have any other questions regarding plasma lighters, feel free to mention them down in the comments section.