A buyer’s guide to pole saws to safeguard properties from extreme weather situations 

Whether it is a residential, commercial, or even an industrial site, proper upkeep of the plants and trees in the property is extremely important. Too often severe storms especially hurricanes can create havoc within the site premises with tree limbs and branches blown into structures or risking people’s lives. It is advisable that homeowners should trim the trees at their site before a big storm alert. However, take care not to climb up a tree with a chainsaw. But, having a professional to come over for trimming these plants can also be quite expensive.

It is costly but wise to pay someone to trim your tree. Know that not doing so could lead you to pay much more should anything awful happen later. Else, you could buy yourself a pole saw. Pole saws are chainsaws on the end of the pole. The motor rests at the pole bottom with the cutting page also on the same side. In general, pole saws are rather lightweight and they can be flung up in the air easily. Just switch on the power and then start cutting the branches. Trim a smaller branch at a time, which reduces the risk of a giant one falling on you.

Why use a pole saw to perform tree cutting jobs yourself?

Using a pole saw allows you to cut tree branches without the need to leave the ground. It increases your overall safety, while also reducing the setup time. A good pole saw makes upkeep and maintenance of trees in your premises become faster and easier – most importantly assures safety. There are dozens of professional tree trimmers that consider good quality pole saws as a great investment. Also, many homeowners prefer using pole saws for their home maintenance needs. Classic gas powered pole saws and corded tools are the most used for the purpose. New technology cordless electric pole saws having long lasting powerful batteries are also getting a lot of rave reviews as buyers find the automatic device to be high in performance.

Although there are many old favorites, customers are finding the latest releases in the cordless variant to be a major draw. However, with each pole saw device being different when it comes to its unique features, advantages, and drawbacks – it is important to start a personal hunt before you can actually find the one closest to what you’re looking for. Below is a comprehensive insight into the best products in the list that serves your needs with some questions answered to help you make an informed decision.

Every type of pole saw has a range of similar functioning tools from the same manufacturer. But, it is important to perform a better research so that you can understand what the slight variations are and which one is an ideal representative of the functionalities that you want to avail. The best pole saw is ranked according to their features and benefits obtained by the user. Also, a comparison of prices is also a criterion for rating each tool. If a specific product has been found to have more advanced capabilities, yet it has been ranked lower if the pricing is higher than another product just at par. Before we further enter into the details regarding each of these models and start describing whether these provide the value for the money spent, it makes sense to know why you should rather invest into a pole saw in the first place.

Know why purchasing a pole saw is a good decision

Pruning trees at a distance from the ground require major work. But, would you enter into this dangerous territory without being armed with the best utility tool to ease your labor? It is found that homeowners have been liable for tree care accidents. The American Arborists findings report that tree care is easily a dangerous proposition and should be done with great responsibility. After all, homeowners themselves are liable for what happens inside their property. 

Designed to make the purpose of pruning trees manageable and efficient, pole saws are the ultimate tool that allows you to easily perform trimming work with utmost safety. Not just the concerns with safeguarding your property make investing into a good quality pole saw a better choice, but there are some vital factors as well. These are:

Reduces time

Pole saws are a better tool to prune and trim trees. In fact, most homeowners would rather find it challenging to handle the vast amount of work along with the maintenance of safety – both performed at the same time. Utilizing the lightweight device with an extended pole for improved safety helps in speeding up the work. Just work on these branches without climbing up trees or using a ladder to make pruning jobs easier. Ergonomically designed pole saw products come with anti-vibration feature, making them truly extra easy to work with.

Increases convenience

Would you want to dangle from trees in an awkward position and risk your safety while pruning the branches? The pole saw helps you avoid that with the convenience of small and lightweight devices that can be used instead of ladders and bulky equipment. Cordless pole saws have witnessed a rather sharp increase in their demand as more homeowners prefer to use them these days. Even with the presence of a battery, these cordless pole saws are ultra-light in weight. Hence, you don’t need to worry about the tasking work of holding the saw for longer hours at an end.    

Highly affordable

Pole saws are undoubtedly the most efficient lawn care equipment that you can buy at the affordable price. It is much cheaper than hiring a professional team to get the job done. However, you cannot measure the efficiency of a specialized workforce to do the tree pruning if you’re not experienced, but these pole saws come closer to that. When it comes down to performance, very few tools can give you the accuracy and the features that you get from pole saws. With pricing that ranges from as low as $37-$250 and above, these are much more affordable than grass weed cutters.

With just a single investment, your pole saw could last you for several years down the line as you can keep using them as and when needed. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be buying one that provides safety and inconvenience at economical pricing for those dwelling in the property?

How to properly use a pole saw for trimming trees?

Pole saws are absolutely handy tools that improve your tree and shrub trimming activities as no other equipment can. These are also highly dangerous, so you may as well prefer to read the instruction manual in order to understand the proper use of the pole saw. The booklet is a good read even before you start your lawn pruning activity as you don’t want to discover that you were using the device incorrectly and that your work could have been done much faster. Always read before you operate the pole saw for the first time.

While you have been yearning to use the pole saw you just bought to prune the lawn trees, it is good to inspect whether the device is in good condition to operate and is safe for children. Clear the area under the tree you intend to prune. Make sure there is some space in between you and the tree to avoid the potential hazard of the limbs falling on you. Plan your cuts before felling so that the trees get a better-pruned appearance. There may be several preliminary cuts needed before you can remove the single limb.

Start from the top of the tree limb or branch. The blade should rest on the top. For jump cuts, the blade should start from underneath the limb. Purchase a lightweight pole saw so that you can easily maneuver your moves and not need to strain yourself much. Lift the pole saw using your hands and take a moment to control its weight. Position the saw so that you’re not standing underneath the tree limb. Hold the pole saw at chest level so that you can easily aim for the branch you want to prune. It gets much easier if the device pole is adjustable and can be extended as required. In that case, lengthen the pole so that you can obtain a safe angle for the cut.

Slowly begin cutting the tree limb in perpendicular, making the first few cuts sink in as deep into the wood body as possible. There is no best way to do that as you can make the strike in direction with the rest of the cuts. Make a groove into the wood so that you can later use it as a guide and work your cuts well into the wood. Readjust the saw if it tends to slip sideways at the beginning of your cutting project. While cutting tree limbs always take a cautionary step backward if you think the cut is at its sharpest and the branch can have a free fall at any time. It’s best to be agile and take safety measures so that you don’t come in the way. Afterward, remove the limbs to a safe place so that it can carry on working.

Pole saws: Important things to consider

There’s easily much more to just the pruning functionality of a pole saw. Apart from helping you to cut out-of-reach limbs and making shrubs and wines easier to trim, also try making the jump cuts. Jump cuts work best for bark ridges so that you want to cut off just a few branches that are prone to diseases and you suspect it might spread. It is very easier for a tree to find itself being contaminated by the spread of rot once it starts to occur in the vertical part of the bark.

That being said, there are a number of things that you need to look into when shopping for a pole saw. Right from the power source to the motor size, anti-vibration systems to telescoping poles, there are so many things that you need to keep in mind when looking to purchase the best pole saws. Also, your property size and the budget are other vital considerations as well.

Budgeting needs

Pole saw prices are based on the key features that they provide. Just like how other lawn care and maintenance equipment like weed eaters and lawnmowers are chosen depending upon their utility, buy your product according to what functionality you’re looking for. The basic manual pole saw can be priced as low as $100. For the gas-powered devices, you may have to shell somewhere around $200 and more. Hence, you will get pole saws of various pricing type depending on how much you would want to pay for them.

Bar length capabilities

The chain of the saw circles around the bar. The longer the bar trajectory, more capable will the tree be to perform better cuts. Most of the pole saws come with an eight-inch bar, but the range can be anywhere from six to twelve-inch models. 

Power concerns

There is a noticeable difference related to the four major pole saw variations. Hence, it is important to consider the powerful abilities that each pole saw model is capable of.

Warranty in-place

Most top pole saw models come with a complete warranty or some may have a limited guarantee, but the warranty terms tend to vary greatly. If you find it difficult to choose the most appropriate one from a range of similar functionality offerings, you could as well as best go with the product that comes with the longest warranty. The fact is that if your device needs to be repaired, the cost incurred is almost the same as buying a new one, so it’s always wise to purchase a new one.

Different types of pole saws

Pole saws are great to make a homeowner’s job easier especially when it comes to working on the tall tree branches, which require an immense amount of accuracy and precision. However, choosing the best variety of the lot isn’t a very easy task. There are a lot of options that you could choose from. With so many best pole saws out there depending upon their functionality and the convenience that they provide to homeowners, you can browse through their pros and cons to pick the right one for your needs. Here are the basic types of pole saws:

Gas Pole Saw

As the name indicates, gas pole saws are a common gas-powered cutting tool in the market. If your garden has a lot of trees that need to be pruned, then the gas pole saw provides the best performance. Professional tree surgeons would rather give preference to this type of pole saw as it can deliver great quality cuts for extended periods only if you maintain them well.

If you don’t mind the noise and prefer power over other factors for your pole saw, then this could be the best option for you to avail. With numerous trees to work on, gas pole saws are easily one of the most preferred by the specialists in tree pruning job out there.

  • Can perform heavy duty work
  • Durable and retains efficiency for a long time
  • Incredibly powerful
  • Highly efficient in performance
  • Can operate for longer hours
  • These are extremely noisy
  • Heavier and bulkier than other variants
  • Produces fumes when used
  • Complex to use especially for inexperienced homeowners

Electric Pole Saw

Corded pole saws or the electric saw uses electricity to run. Compared to the gas pole saws, these are lightweight and produce less noise. An electric pole saw with 6-8 Amps of motor is able to work on the thickest of branches with incredible ease. However, the only downside is that the product must be connected to an electrical source to operate. It essentially means that you will have to drag the cord along with you while working.

Since it must be powered by electricity, this often limits the extent to which you can do your garden trimming work. But, you can always add length to the cord. Again, the weather might interrupt your pruning project midway.

  • Less noisier
  • Lightweight and considerably smaller in size
  • Environment-friendly option (no fumes produced)
  • Highly powerful
  • Provides ease-of-use
  • These aren’t that powerful than gas-powered saws
  • Since it’s corded, users are limited to a certain working radius

Cordless Pole Saw

What works for these cordless pole saws is that the absence of a cord only enhances their working capability. Charge the battery that runs the device and recharge it when required. In fact, you could charge the battery while working as well.

The eco-friendly electric power is a major aspect that provides homeowners with the ideal pole saw to use for their tree pruning projects. The convenience that comes with a cordless device especially since you’ll be working on a lawn is the ability to trim even taller branches. However, you must keep in mind that the battery you choose influences the kind of performance the tool delivers. A 40 Volt battery is an even better option to keep your device running well for hours at an end.

The downside of these devices is that the batteries tend to run out. The newer improved Lithium-ion battery model has increased the running time for these products, but still these are less powerful.

  • Lightweight than the gas pole saws
  • Can be used conveniently anywhere
  • Highly eco-friendly as these use electricity
  • A much quitter option
  • Considerably heavier than the corded pole saws
  • Less powerful in performance

Manual Pole Saw

Even before gas or electric saws came into existence, people would use the manual pole saws. In fact, even now gardeners would use the manual pole saw to tackle high tree branches. This kind of pole saw needs to be operated manually. Given that it must be used to maneuver tree branches manually, it is still not a convenient option to trim larger branches of trees.

If you want to use a tool to perform occasional trimming of your garden plants, then you would want to own one of these. These are also the cheapest of the lot.

  • Cheapest pole saws
  • Good to use for minor pruning
  • Great for fitness
  • Manual work can get strenuous
  • Highly unrealistic to be used for larger tree branches

What pole saw features should you shop for?

To create a list of the best pole saws available in the market today, it is important to compare and evaluate these devices from the ease-of-use, design specifications, value for the money, to the safety aspects. There are a number of pole saws and it is very difficult to choose the best out of the overwhelming number of the ones that work well for homeowners. Basics of price and power were also considered to understand how well these would rank in the list of the top pole saws for efficiency in lawn use. Other criteria for listing include comfort and convenience – both are much more subjective when it comes to buyer reviews.

You may find that a much more efficient tool may be ranked lower than another not so amazingly powerful, but the reason is based on price value to the consumer. The output you get from your pole saw investment is dependent on this basic factor too.

Although these are ranked according to the various specifications and pricing that is associated with each of them, it doesn’t quite necessarily signify that you should be going with the most top end product only. Every homeowner’s gardening needs may be different. Depending on what your tree pruning needs are you can decide how much you would like to put in monetarily. Also, if the tool is ranked higher, but doesn’t quite suffice in usability from your requirement point of view, the regardless of how much feature-rich it may be, it won’t be that much of a value to you. Hence, it is advisable that you base your preference for the ideal pole saw tool upon your needs only.

The list of pole saws in this list differs considerably in their costs. The price value is a key deciding factor to ensure an appropriate balance when it comes to ranking each of the devices listed. These are listed based upon the value obtained from the amount spent. This is the reason why you will find that a superior tool ranks lower than one that isn’t at par with the former.
Stability and extension ability
For the homeowner, it is important to reach even the touch to maneuver branches of trees. The main cause for using a pole saw is to be able to work even from several feet away as well. Hence, a pole saw that offers a better reachability and stability with handling provides much extensive support. The ranking is based upon these vital aspects such that it can be understood whether the tool is effective for long range use.
Better cutting ability
While most of the tools in the following list are battery powered, pole saws weren’t originally so sophisticated and agile. Some of the tools listed here are useful for smaller residential pruning projects, while others are best suited for tasks on a larger scale. The tools listed here are ranked according to their better maneuverability and cutting capability.
Weight and Convenience

A pole saw’s weight is the most important deciding factor when it comes to trimming tree branches. Holding the device above your head while working on a project can get tiresome. This is highly noticeable when contractors cut trees for miles. Pausing and resuming again from where you left doesn’t really work all the time.

Choose a pole saw that delivers a fine cut to you each time without the need to put in much effort. A better product especially when it comes to pole saws only works to uplift your morale. However, not all pole saws that provide superior performance for hours on an end are lightweight. We have considered every possibility to ensure that the functioning of the product also goes along with the pricing.

The convenience of use, of course, merges with the weight of the device. A comfortable tool goes a long way to deliver lasting performance without the feeling of pain or fatigue. Hence, you end up working much faster, which ensures that you can perform the job with ease and accuracy.

Top 10 Best Pole Saw list

1. Remington RM1025SPS

With a weight of 12.5 pounds, the Remington RM1025SPS tops our list of the most affordable pole saws loaded with great features for a homeowner’s maneuverability. The 15-feet long aluminum pole of the product with anti-rotation and non-slip attributes allows for a better reach. The 8AMP motor of the corded device enables you to trim even the hardest to reach tree branches. Also, the product can be easily disconnected and used as a chainsaw, which means that you can also manage to cut the felled branches straight away. 

The absolutely versatile and durable Remington RM1025SPS pole saw is moderately priced. For those who need to work on several trees on the lawn, this product is one of the most cost-effective purchases. A whole lot of capabilities at a relatively low pricing indicate that this one is certainly a great buy both for tree surgery hobbyists and homeowners.

  • Great value for the money spent
  • Improves trimming performance
  • Highly versatile with lots of added features
  • Good quality pole with an added chainsaw
  • Other lightweight alternatives available

2. Greenworks 20672

The Greenworks 20672 comes with a good reach of a maximum extension of up to 8-feet. The angled cutting head inclusive of some amazing features performs really well and offers good self-lubrication. Despite some missing features such as the shoulder strap and a little issue with the cutting capacity, the model still ranks in our list of the top 10 pole saws. In our review, we found that the pole saw is highly versatile with the battery powered feature providing a fine cut each time. The item is surely a good replacement to the original gas powered pole saws as it can do most of the work while weighing just about 9-12lbs.

The pole saw model is highly durable as it comes with an automatic oiler along with the switch lock safety feature. At the price, the battery powered device is seemingly the best ever pole saw that will work for homeowners. Although the additional batteries can be a bit on the costlier side, it improves the power of the batteries considerably so you don’t need to maneuver with an average performing product.

In fact, at the price that this product comes for, you will only benefit from just the preliminary basic costs. It isn’t one of the most preferred for homeowners doing extensive cutting work by reaching out to the higher branches. The device is however ideal for the homeowner that needs to tweak display plants or smaller sized tree branches of the lawn.

  • Cuts branches of less than 4-inch diameter perfectly
  • Comes with advanced safety features
  • Automatic bar and chain lubrication
  • 70% less noisy than other pruning models
  • Less powerful cuts achieved with larger branches
  • Complete assemble requires tools

3. Sun Joe SWJ800E

Sun Joe SWJ800E 8-Inch 6.5-Amp Telescoping Electric Pole Chain Saw

For cutting overgrown tree branches safely, choose Sun Joe SWJ800E. The tool isn’t aimed for everyday use but does manage to handle occasional tree pruning jobs perfectly. If you’re using a tree pruner or a pole saw for the first time, then you can opt for this model. Electrically powered corded item of 6.5AMP, weighing just about 7lbs, and a reachability of 8.7-15 feet, homeowners can easily manage most of the overhead reaches. The product is extremely efficient and manages to tweak even the most stubborn tree branches.

Sun Joe SWJ800E costs about 30% less than the other devices and is equipped with some of the best features to enhance its usability. Even with a lower cost bracket, the product outperforms fantastically and is a total value for the money spent.

  • Good to be used by homeowners
  • Durable and versatile model
  • Lower pricing ensures superb cost value
  • Lubrication is required
  • Difficult to adjust the chain    


A good option to the old gas saws is the electric Black and Decker that is incredibly lightweight at just 6.3lbs. The purpose of pruning trees serves well with the 14-feet reach. When compared to the old devices it runs much cleaner as the cordless feature gives an expansive reach and mobility. The device is built to reach high trees so you get greater control, power, and overhead agility.

With one charge you can obtain 100 fine cuts. At a fair price obtain a solid device that lets you work for longer hours without the need to keep charging the battery. The tool is highly suitable for all kinds of pruning work.

However, if you intend to use it regularly as the primary device for such an operation, then it may not be that sturdier enough. Keeping that in mind the pricing of the model is just fine when it comes to the affordable investment.

BLACK+DECKER LPP120 20-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Pole Saw

  • Lightweight model
  • Highly powerful
  • Ease-of-use
  • Greater reachability
  • Isn’t designed for heavy pruning
  • With regular use, the chain guard can get damaged

5. Remington RM2599

The Remington RM2599 is durable with incredible cutting prowess. Whether it’s a small trim or high-end cutting job, the Remington offers a good line up of absolutely great devices. There are a number of features that make this pole saw device stand out. It can easily become your hedge trimmer or even the leaf blower if you wish to operate it that way. For the multi-function at this price, you’ll be surely in for a treat with the device.

The tool is lighter than what you see in the shipping weight at 18.15 pounds. The main power source is the 255cc 2-cycle gas engine using which you can easily cut the tree limbs with good speed. Precision is majorly attained with this 7-inch pole saw device as it can be max extended up to 12-inches.

Among the other notable features is the QuickStart which lets you pull to start the device. Hence, you can easily start the pole saw much more reliably, which accounts for one of the reasons why most homeowners prefer the Remington range of pole saws for their safety aspects.

Remington RM2599 Maverick 25cc 2-Cycle 8-Inch Gas Pole Saw

  • Hard to beat pole saw choice with many features
  • Works for extensive tree cutting and pruning needs
  • Bit more expensive than others, but comes loaded with many benefits
  • At 25cc power, this isn’t much a powerful option

 6. Fiskars 7.9

The manually operated pole saw is intended for reaching out to the smaller branches. There may not always be a situation when you can use gas-powered or battery operated devices. At that time the Fiskars pole saw is an ideal tree pruner that lets you cut the tree limbs without the need to adjust much. Also, it is considerably lower than the other models.

The product weighs about 5-pounds with a maximum pole extension length of about 7-14 inches. The other two major factors include rust-resistance and low-friction coating. For those who are looking to perform a quick trimming job, then this is a good product to avail.

Fiskars 7.9-12 Foot ExtendableTree Pruning Stik Pruner

  • Best for on-site quick operation
  • Lightweight and easy-to-use
  • Can be used best for rare trim jobs
  • Caters to a specific audience only

7. Oregon PS250-A6

The device works well for various seasonal jobs such as pruning rows of walnut trees, chopping hunting trees, and more. The battery powered device is able to handle tougher tasks with ease such as reaching out to the highest tree branches and pruning tough to chop limbs. The only downside to this tool is that it can be on the heavier side, which might pose some problems during a continuous long working day.

Battery powered saws are great for seasonal use such that these can handle tougher tasks easily. Use whenever required to obtain the benefit of increased agility with the product weighing around 10.8lb. The maximum reachability is about 4.5m. Get about 500 fine cuts on a thinner 2-3 inch tree limb. Low-vibration and instant start features.

Oregon Cordless PS250-A6 Pole Saw Kit

  • Lightweight and balanced for continued use
  • No noise and planetary gear reduction
  • Advanced cell technology with no-fade power
  • Low in strength and durability
  • Flimsy back plate
  • Good for seasonal use only

8. Greenworks 20672

Greenworks 8.5' 40V Cordless Pole Saw

The battery-powered pole saw allows property owners to use the device for extended periods of time. The dual use product not just prunes larger trees in no time, but also clears bigger areas as well. The device is known for its massive power and exceptional use along with the number of features on offer. Buy the Greenworks 20672 that weighs just about 12.75lbs and has a max extension of 15-feet.

The lithium-ion battery is of 40V and 2.0Ah which enhances usability. When compared to gas models the device produces lesser noise and vibration. The instant electric start provides ease-of-use. Although, Greenworks 20672 isn’t a much heavy-duty device, at a minimal investment you can perform some of the most time takings tasks without much effort.

Overall, this is a nice pole saw that comes with an easy-to-adjust chain tensioning system. Also, the device runs smoothly with the automatic oiler that lubricates the bar and chain.

  • Robust device with ease-of-use
  • Comes with solid power
  • Balances workflow even for strenuous jobs
  • Minimal investment needed
  • Reports about the chain coming off
  • The weight distribution is uneven as stated by several buyers.

9. TrimmerPlus PS720

Trimmer Plus PS720 8-Inch Pole Saw

The tool is perfect for a variety of tasks. The manufacturers have taken a lot of care to make sure that the product is cost-effective and is ideal for a homeowner’s use. The professional level power of the device with a gas power source is specifically designed to perform fine cuts at an affordable price.

Weighs at around 10lbs with a max extension of the pole saw at 11-feet. The device has a somewhat fragile casing, but other features like auto-oiler give the benefit of increased tree pruning with adherence to safety features. The capacity to hold multiple attachments increases job efficiency like no other.

Hence, home users can obtain a return on their money spent for the purpose. No wonder the quintessentially designed device is so much in demand by beginners as well as pro users.

  • Lasts long with greater durability
  • Is built for the price
  • Plastic saw design
  • Efficient weight balance

10. Poulan Pro PP258TP

Poulan Pro PP258TP 25cc Pole Pruner

The solid device is designed to take down even the hardest of limbs and stands up to some heavy use. The product isn’t the most durable but has a lot of beneficial capabilities. The product shipping weight is about 21.65 pounds; however, the gas-powered source makes it a much more efficient and a durable device at that.

The product has a max extension reachability length of 12-foot. It is indeed a good buy especially for a mid-tier device with a fair pricing that comes with considerable facilities. In fact, the pole saw is just the best for the pricing you pay for.

It is great to trim branches in large property. The product works well with users that require some minor to major tree trimming work. Other features are the capability of pro link attachment and spring start benefit.

  • Ample amount of power and easy start
  • Storage benefits
  • Bit heavier than others in the range
  • Can have some shipping issues

Safety measures

Always take care of the operational safety measures even before you start tree pruning. Tree trimming and ranching is a dangerous activity, so you must consider some tips and tricks so that you don’t end up hurting yourself.

Understand about the product features when looking to choose a pole saw. Also, if you own some already, it is important to realize what are the important attributes of the product that you would find useful? The units can have the same length, but what differs is their weight. The heavier the pole saw, the lower is its battery power.

Always conduct a proper risk assessment before you take on a task such as the execution zone, emergency measures, surroundings, public road access, and more. Also, the weather conditions and above all the technique you intend to use also make a major difference. 


Ensure that you’re wearing safety apparel when performing tree pruning tasks. Check whether the device features are properly in place and in working order. Avoid overheating and take care not to perform cutting work for an extended time period with electric saws as it can get risky.

Use the pole saw at a 60-degree angle to minimize felling of the tree branches inappropriately and risking injuries. Always divide your task such that it does not cause any strain on the product.   

Regularly maintain your pole saw a device for the optimum performance. Design weekly and monthly checks to perform maintenance routines.

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